The general benefits of auditory enhancement, rehabilitation and training through the LACE program relate to better hearing and better listening skills.
Some of the results of better hearing and listening include becoming more confident in communication, deeper cognitive functioning and enhancements to your private and professional quality of life, based on improved communication skills.
Auditory enhancement allows you to learn to listen better and extract more meaning from what you hear. This means you will not only hear, but be in a better position to understand more effectively and empathise or connect with people better, which is particularly important for family relationships.

1. Communication Benefits

Improving hearing skills or listening skills in isolation helps communication, but it is difficult to make big improvements to your ability to communicate at work or at home without the skills to listen better!

Also, many people who want to communicate better do not feel ready for hearing aids, feel their hearing is OK or actually have reasonable hearing. An effective intervention for these individuals, to improve communication, is, therefore, to actively learn to listen, understand and connect with other human beings using their existing hearing abilities.

Communication Benefits of LACE

  1. LACE understands the importance of improving communication skills and can help anyone enhance their communication and listening abilities.
  2. It works with whatever hearing ability you have, improving outcomes for those with hearing aids, or helping people without.
  3. There are many practical methods and ways to improve communication in the workplace, home or anywhere. LACE is compatible with and can enhance the impact of all of them.


2. Listening and Hearing Benefits

There are a number of advantages to using LACE as a way to improve listening and to improve hearing.

Listening and Hearing Benefits of LACE

  1. Better understanding of speech in noise – LACE was specifically created to improve the discrimination of speech in noisy environments. This means that after LACE, you will hear and understand more.
  2. Less effort to listen and hear – as with any training program, LACE teaches you the activities to improve your listening ability with less effort and consequent fatigue.
  3. Better results with hearing aids – LACE works to optimise whatever hearing ability you have. This means it improves communication for people using hearing aids and implant, as well as those without.
  4. Faster rehabilitation to hearing aids – getting used to new hearing aids and the dramatically better hearing abilities they create is not straightforward. Sounds and voices often seem different as well as louder. LACE’s structured lessons give a low pressure environment to acclimatise to your new hearing abilities.
  5. Cost effective – By getting the most out of your hearing, or by maximising the improvements from a hearing aid, LACE is a very cost effective way of improving your hearing.

Naturally Better Hearing and Listening

Because LACE improves listening and listening skills using your current hearing abilities, it is a totally natural way to address a hearing loss. There are therefore no drugs, procedures or side effects to worry about.

Familiar Ways to Improve Listening

By using its computer software and training exercises, LACE repeats the language learning we start as children, so the process is intuitive and highly acceptable. LACE also has the extra benefit it is designed to be effective with a set of ears and a hearing system that is no longer brand new!

Suitable for All Hearing Abilities – with or without hearing aids/implants

Because it is such a natural and intuitive process, the activities LACE uses to improve listening skills by enhancing hearing abilities are suitable for people who wear hearing aids or those who do not. It may even be suitable for people using cochlear implants or bone anchored aids. As such, LACE may be the perfect answer to anyone asking “how can I improve my hearing?”

Visible Progress and Listening Improvement

As a way to improve hearing, LACE helps you evaluate your progress and improvement by providing feedback and scores as you progress, quicky and easily showing the improvement in your hearing and listening.


3. Memory and Cognition Benefits

Memory and cognitive improvement are intrinsically linked to our ability to communicate and listen. The exercises in LACE understand this and are designed to improve your memory and cognitive skills.

LACE’s daily training sessions are the perfect short workout to gently improve memory and cognitive ability, in the same manner as sudhoku, crosswords and other mental games. Listening to, and repeating sentences in LACE helps train and improve the way your brain processes sound into information and subsequently retains the information, recall of that information.

And because memory improvement and our general cognitive abilities are so important in daily life, improving our cognitive skills improves our everyday lives.