BBC Radio 4 says Watch out for Fake Beats by Dr Dre Headphones

You and Yours, the BBC Radio 4 show, says watch out for counterfeit ‘Beats by Dr Dre’ headphones.

The consumer advice show took a big section exposing fake Beats by Dr Dre headphones and that the large, stylised plastic headband was both a symbol of consumer desire and therefore target of counterfeiters.

Is this important? Probably not in the global scheme of things, but definitely if you think you have just bought a decent set of cans and you haven’t. And it’s most definitely important, if someone has just taken you for a few hundred quid and they are not the real deal.

Protecting yourself against headphone fakery

Sorry to sound like your nan – but do be sensible out there – if it looks too good to be true…. it probably is. Good earphones cost a bit of money these days. (In fact, bad ones do too, so go and do some research!) And who are you buying from? High St stores aren’t very good at scarpering when Trading Standards turn up, so they are a better bet than a car boot sale. And could you do live with your current earphones or someone less sensible’s cast-offs? And finally…… you really need the label – just because they look fancy, does that really mean anything……?

How to get Fantastic Earphones

Are they the real deal?

So a solution could look like this:

  • Do your research – which earphones really do cut the mustard? (What HiFi STILL rave about the Etymotic HF series and they are indeed what I use – and EtyKids. Forget about bass and think true balanced sound quality. And prepare to be amazed.)
  • Think mean – do you really have to spend big bucks? HFs cost significantly north of £100, which may seem a lot, but that is a bargain these days. And if you buy HFs from a PERFECTfit partner with a set of custom earmoulds the price for the phones could even be  better than internet prices.
  • Go commando – a relatively drab design is less appealing to counterfeiters, so you are less likely to be picking up a wrong ‘un.
  • Consider what you are really after and what does your brand stand for? Again, brands like ER are about nothing other than music quality. The pedigree of ER makes them pretty much the audiologist’s choice and also the brand of choice of musicians (Google ER-9 or ER-15 to see what I mean: ER created THE industry standard in hearing protection for musicians). So if quality is your priority, stick to your guns and buy the right gear – not the flashiest!
  • Go to someone you trust – our PERFECTfit partners are all established and are mostly audiologists, so know a thing or two about ears and sound.
  • Consider upgrading your current earphones – if your current earphones are not too dreadful, you will be amazed at the transformation a pair of custom made moulds will make. Better bass response, safer to use and more comfortable. And a load cheaper than a new set of ‘phones.

So there you have it – some pointers: but in general, you could do a lot worse than talking to one of our PERFECTfit partners: they are independent from us and are (very!) independent as a rule, so you can do a lot worse than talk to them.



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