Avoiding Kids’ Summer Holiday Earache

shutterstock_161060747There’s nothing worse than hearing a child cry or scream in pain. It leaves mums and dads feeling totally helpless and can be very upsetting. Earaches can be one of the most painful health experiences for a child. Considering 75% of children will have at least one earache by their 3rd birthday, being aware of the causes and avoiding them could make your life and your child’s life a lot happier.

shutterstock_95011843One of the biggest factors to cause earache is fluids trapped in the inner ear. Babies and toddlers’ eustachian tubes aren’t fully developed, which contributes to the frequency of ear infections. The eustachian tube connects the throat, nose and middle ear. However, if there is respiratory infection then the ventilation becomes blocked. Any fluid that would normally drain out the ear then becomes trapped inside the ear and can cause an infection. Using ear plugs while in the bath can help keep water out the ear and ensure irritation of the inner ear is minimised.

shutterstock_112947532As children grow, so do their eustachian tubes, they begin to lengthen and the angle increases. This results in better draining and children “grow out” of ear infections when, really, they just become less susceptible. Their immune systems also mature while their adenoids (glands in the back of the nose) shrink, decreasing ear infections.

shutterstock_101523292The best way to avoid ear infections is to keep water out of young children’s ear drums. Use ear plugs while in the bath as well as in swimming pools. Summer time is when kids are outside playing in the sprinklers, porter pools, slippery slides, lakes, rivers, the sea and pools, and are most susceptible to ear infections. Use PERFECTfit’s Wetbobs to tinnitus and ensure your kids remain ear-ache free.

Should your child suffer from chronic ear-ache, always be sure to consult your physician.

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