Audiology experts PC Werth and Maico Diagnostic join forces

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Maico range, created through our exciting new partnership with leading audiology experts Maico Diagnostics.

This new range of audiology instruments by PC Werth and Maico not only reflects over 130 years of combined expertise, passion and innovation, but also a shared vision of improved choice and value to benefit audiologist acrossthe UK and Ireland.

The Maico range which includes screening, diagnostic and clinical audiometers as well as systems focusing on newborn screening and paediatrics, is the quintessential audiology brand, based around the highest technology and a competitive pricing structure.

All Maico instruments are now available from PC Werth – check out the EroScan Pro Tympanometer-OAE system, AABR measurement system and the full, flexible range online . Read the press release or call us for more information.

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