PC Werth will be at the BAA Conference in Harrogate (26-27 November) showcasing its exciting – and enlarged – portfolio of Kamplex hearing aids and audiology instruments.

Kamplex hearing aids are available through NHS Supply Chain – trials can be arranged via PC Werth. Meanwhile, the new Kamplex r16m tablet tympanometer, shares the same clean styling, touch screen interface and portability as the popular Kamplex r17a audiometer.  Another introduction is the Kamplex r07a screening audiometer: this rugged device follows on from previous Kamplex screening greats, including the AS7 and KS8.

Finally, for the first time, PC Werth announces its own Kamplex audiometric booths. Designed to the highest specifications, the range of booths combine simplicity of construction and portability with excellent testing conditions. Details of all products and PC Werth accessories are available from the PC Werth and Kamplex stands at the BAA conference in Harrogate this month.


BAA Conference – Stand 21: Everything PC Werth

Stand 21 is all about PC Werth’s products and services – a mainstay of UK audiology for the past 70 years.

Whether you are looking for leading impression products, Pro-Pulse irrigation systems, microsuction equipment, or the unique range of lit curettes from Bionix, you will find it here. Alternatively, in these cash strapped times, find out how you can save with our own brand of speculae, otoscopes and consumables that are around 18% cheaper than the alternative.

For the innovators out there, we will have an update to the UK’s leading wireless video Otoscope – Firefly (which also costs MUCH less than you may expect), copies of C2Hear (patient training system) and Comfort Audio – the universal all-digital personal FM system for hearing aid or CI users.

Last but not least – visit stand 21 for the UK’s widest selection of audiological instruments – the power of Verifit 2 from Audioscan is widely acknowledged; Primus is THE fitting system for departments looking for reliability, low costs and ease of use – and that is before we go on to the exciting instruments from Kamplex.

All our instruments are backed up with more calibration history and experience than anywhere else.

And if that was not enough, departments who are interested in generating revenue can explore the options of our simple store concept and custom noise protection, swim plugs etc.


For further information contact: PC Werth

T: +44 (0)20 8772 2700

E: sales@kamplex.co.uk









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