All-New Kamplex at the BAA Conference

At the BAA Conference in Harrogate All-New PC Werth will be showcasing  the complete range of audiological instruments, hearing aids, accessories and services. While the PC Werth full portfolio will be exposed at Stand 21, the Kamplex hearing aids and instruments, including the new ones, will be fully available at the dedicated Kamplex Stand 46.

Visit Stand 46 at BAA for the full Kamplex experience

hearing aids from PC Werth

Showcased for the first time in 2014, the big news for 2015’s BAA conference is that this is your first chance to experience the full range of Kamplex  hearing aids and instruments. For those that have not caught up yet, Kamplex is the UK’s original Audiology brand and is back with an instant fit ITE and BTE hearing aids, a full range of instruments, including the new r16m tablet tympanometer and r07a screening audiometer, plus our own audiology booths. Kamplex hearing aids are on contract and available to all NHS departments via NHS Supply Chain.

The new Kamplex KITE instant-fit ITE is perfect for image-aware patients and first-time users.  Recommended for mild to moderate losses, KITE is an ITE that can be prescribed and fitted quickly on the same day without the hassle of taking impressions – making it perfect for busy departments, too. Kamplex K200D BTE comes with a classic ear hook or slim tube for high frequency losses and is suitable for mild to severe audiograms. Available in four colours, K200D features a good sized volume control to help patients with poor dexterity. Both units are quick to fit with the all-new K-Fit software that was created just for the NHS.

All-New Instruments from Kamplex

At Stand 46 you will also have the opportunity to check on a new tablet tympanometer, screening audiometer and booths. The r16m tympanometer, available in screening and diagnostic versions, enables comprehensive middle ear analysis. A slender and elegant tablet equipped with 7” TFT touchscreen and icon-based OS, r16m, also features an all-new “pistol grip” one-handed tip system, making it the ideal unit for fast testing on the go or at a workstation.

tablet tympanometer

The new r07a portable screening audiometer is simplicity itself. Battery powered, equipped with DD45 headset and patient button, this unit is ideal for pure tone audiometry whether in a domiciliary environment, clinic or working in the field, where the test memory is a real bonus.

screening audiometer

Like all Kamplex instruments, r16m and r07a are NOAH compatible and come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard which can easily be upgraded to 5 years at reasonable costs.

Last, but not least, we will be presenting our new range of Kamplex audiometric booths. These compact or modular sound-proof booths, can be specified to your choice of size, accessory pack or isolation level for use in all clinical settings from departments and clinics to audiology centres and shops. Altogether Kamplex presents a compelling range of solutions for leading audiologists including hearing aids, audiometry, REM and VRA systems. All units within the Kamplex “r” range are covered by a 3-year warranty which can be easily upgraded to 5 years.

For further information contact: PC Werth

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