Acoustic Solutions for SEN TES 2015 from PC Werth

Once again PC Werth Sound for School will be exhibiting at the TES SEN in London this autumn. If you want to learn what new solutions we have for special needs education, visit PC Werth stand 159.

TES SEN is well-known among SEN teachers, TODs, SENCOs and claims to be the biggest gathering of educational special needs specialists. That is why TES SEN is the show PC Werth Sound for School cannot miss.

This year PC Werth Sound for Schools puts more emphasis on Acoustic solutions as one of the best implementations of the inclusion policy. Acoustics solutions include Hush panels which absorb noise and reverberation, and Hushhups which are tips placed on the feet of chairs and remove the noise associated with the shuffling of chairs. Thanks to these specially designed panels, Husshups and other acoustic solutions, special needs children are able to hear better, ultimately leading to higher performance. Although acoustics solutions are designed with SEN and hearing impaired children in mind, acoustics implementations from PC Werth also benefit teachers. As the reverberations levels drop drastically, teachers do not need to restrain their voice in order to be heard better hence avoiding vocal fatigue

Hush panles

The beauty of the panels is that not only they come in different colours and shapes (anything printed on them), but also they are tailored to schools’ given budget. Just to give you a hint, you do need to have a whole wall coated with them, but after free assessment performed by our dedicated technical person, PC Werth will help you choose best solutions.

Hush board wall from Pc Werth

At TES SEN conference PC Werth Sound for Schools will also introduce you to the opportunities JUNO, the Award Winning Classroom AV System,  brings to special needs education. Although it has broader implementation, one cannot overestimate benefits it has on teacher’s voice and over all classroom performance

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