Acoustic Panels for Better Results at BATOD

It is the time of the year again! PC Werth is heading to the BATOD conference which will be taking place in Cardiff on 12th March. Lots has been already said about the BATOD which has become the voice of deaf children, their parents and educational professionals.

Suffice to say, BATOD is a long-established organisation gathering hearing care professionals and teachers from whole of the UK, recognises the role of acoustic environment in addressing hearing impaired or deaf children’s needs. We read on BATOD’s website: “Acoustic conditions in schools are vital to a good listening and learning environment”.

Acoustics solutions not only for schools

A sound specialist and acoustic ambassador, Julian Treasure, in his video “Why architectures need to use their ears”, stresses the fact that better acoustic solutions need to be applied not only in schools and hospitals, but also in working environment such as open space offices.

Moreover, he points out that better acoustics not only help hearing impaired children (be it permanently impaired or just having temporarily hearing problems due to running nose), but also improve behaviour and performance results.

The Essex Study: Shorter Reverberation Better Results

In his video Julian Treasure quotes the results from the Essex Study in which external consultants interviewed teaching staff after applying acoustic tiles in randomly chosen classrooms without teachers’ nor pupils knowledge. As a result, there was a significant improvement in working conditions both for the staff and pupils, all teachers noticed better classroom behaviour and comprehension, and reduction of stress levels among the staff. On top of that, the teachers noticed that hearing impaired children participated in lessons more equally with other children after applying acoustic solutions. “The questionnaire responses demonstrate a clear preference for classrooms with shorter reverberation times, with the most stringent (BATOD) standard achieving the best results”.


PC Werth Acoustic Panels Engineered Provide Superior Sound Absorption

Acoustics panels from PC Werth are not only effective in diminishing reverberation levels due to superior sound absorption, but also are tailored to an individual school’s budget. There is no need in padding the whole classroom with the panels as a couple of properly chosen tiles will already make the audible difference. Moreover, the acoustic panels come in different shapes and colours and can also serve as a pin board.

If you want to find out more about acoustic solutions from PC Werth and talk about your schools requirements, come to see us at BATOD and talk to our specialists. They will help you to find the best solution within your budget!

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