What is LACE Online?

LACE Online is the world’s leading communication online therapy (interactive software program) for teaching people how to listen and improve their hearing. By learning to listen better, LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement) users improve their lives by developing their communication and listening skills.

With over 60,000 courses completed, LACE has been shown to improve listening by up to 40%, improving their ability to comprehend speech and communicate better.
LACE is not just a hearing loss treatment – virtually any adult can benefit from LACE, learn to listen and learn skills to communicate better. The short course is simple to use at home and is suitable for anyone who wants to learn better or improve their hearing and communication:
• People who struggle to hear – particularly speech & voices
Hearing aid users & people new to hearing aids users
• Anyone looking for hearing impairment treatment
• LACE may also help some people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Who invented LACE?

LACE is developed from research in the University of California by Dr  Robert Sweetow. The world’s only user-based listening training software, LACE uses precisely controlled voice recordings to retrain the brain to understand speech.
LACE uses a self-paced, adaptive training structure. The system presents interesting subject matter in 3 types of tasks that challenge the user but are not frustrating:
• Degraded Speech Tasks
• Cognitive Tasks
• Interactive Communication Strategies
After training, LACE users hear up to 40% better in difficult listening situations such as:
• Noisy Surroundings
• Rapid Talkers
• Competing voices

Who should use LACE Online?

LACE Online is intended for adult patients, with or without hearing loss who have difficulty understanding speech in challenging listening environments.

Examples of challenging listening environments:
o Noisy Surroundings
o Rapid Talkers
o Competing voices


LACE Online is recommended for:

o New hearing aid wearers who are getting used to their hearing aids
o Hearing aid wearers who need to improve their listening skills
o Hearing aid users with new hearing aids
o Non-users of hearing aids who find it difficult to understand speech
o LACE may also help some people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)