7 Teachers of the Deaf in Sweden

7 TODS not trying out the Comfort Audio Digisystem

7 Teachers of the Deaf from around the UK won a visit to Sweden with us recently on a personal communication study trip, supported by our friends at Comfort Audio.

The picture shows 1) that they did a lot of smiling 2) that the Comfort Audio offices are in a very nice place indeed and 3) it undfortunately does not show the amount of learning shared between us all.

In short, the Comfort Audio system continues to make waves around Europe and the UK for the exceptional clarity it brings to CI, BAHA and Hearing Impaired students in education.

You can ask anyone at PC Werth for more information, or if you would like us to show and tell you more, do get in contact. If you are a ToD or need the support of a ToD, I’m sure we can share the details of people outside our organisation who can give you an impartial view.

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