And that is not just because we are AHHIP’s Best Accessory Provider for the second consecutive year (but that as well)

1. User friendly and intuitive navigation

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 1

Yes, the New PC Werth Webstore is even more audiologist-friendly with intuitive navigation so you do not need to worry if you get lost amidst Bionix curettes, impressioning materials from Dreve or Kamplex audiometry instruments. While exploring the abundance of options the new PC Werth webstore has in offer, the category or brand is always on the left of the screen. And if you want to go back and see the full menu, just click the PC Werth logo – it will always take you to the home page.

2. Split delivery to multiple addresses

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 2

Splitting is not always the best option, especially when it comes to your partner or cake (particularly the latter one). And if you have had enough (the partner of course – not the cake) you want to keep your options open. So anticipating our customers’ expectations, we have given you choice of delivery to multiples addresses. Now you can have your purchase delivered to as many places as you want. And any delivery of over £50 is couriered free!

3. In Stock

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 3

It always helps to know the stock is on hand. If you wish to order one, two or even more of our popular Bionix curettes or you are stocking on accessories for your department, now you can see the number of items available and ready to dispatch.

4. Quantity Discounts

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 4

Seeing is believing. In order to help you make wiser decisions and get better value, we have created a simple visual table which clearly shows the volume breaks and prices on our products. Seeing how much you save has never been easier!

5. More payment options

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 5

More is always better than less. Especially if you have not got an account with us yet (although we recommend it), secure payments is easy by debit/credit card or paypal (for those more seasoned in online shopping). And if you have an account with us just carry on using your credit line of credit.

6. Visible RETAIL prices

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 6

Not sure what price to set for your customers? We have displayed SRP retail prices so they can guide you in your decision making. After all even a professional needs a pointing in the right direction. Just bear in mind we have special prices for our trade partners so after all it pays to login!

7. New products

Webstore - 7 Reasons - Reason 7

Boredom is not exciting. So when you think you have seen it all do not be surprised when you notice new product on your next visit to PC Werth webstore. As we develop our new store, our offer will continue to get broader so visit us more often to see what is new in our portfolio of audiology products, accessories and sundries.


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