5 Ways To Protect Your Ears At Concerts

Concerts and festivals are great fun, but when the music is too loud, you are at risk of damaging your hearing. Here are a 5 ways to protect your ears at concerts and still enjoy the music.

1.    Step away from the speakers!

Standing right next to the speakers might seem like a great idea at the time but it could do a lifetime of damage to your hearing. Try to stay as far away from the speakers as you can, the further away you are the quieter the sound.

Read our blog Are You Damaging Your Hearing? to find out more about dangerous sound levels.

2.    Wear noise protection

Wearing hearing protection at festivals and concerts is the best thing you can do for your ears. Custom noise protection such as PC Werth’s Dynamic Musicians Series will help you to listen to music for longer, whilst keeping your ears protected. Use the code ERBNDUB100 at checkout for your discounted pair. Find out more here.

3.    Take a break

We all need a break sometimes, exposing yourself to constant excessively loud noise will take its toll on your ears. So, take a break from the music for 5 minutes and let your ears have a rest, it will help prevent hearing damage in the long run.

4. Head to Outdoor Festivals

Going to outdoor festivals is much better for your ears than indoor festivals. Indoor concerts mean that the sound is contained within that room and there is no room for it to disperse. Try to stick to outdoor festivals.

5. Have a hearing detox

Give yourself a day of silence and rest your eardrums. You should allow 16 hours of rest for every two hours you are exposed to excessively loud noise.

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