5 Tips For A First Time Hearing Aid User

Wearing a hearing aid can feel very strange for the first time user. Sounds can seem unfamiliar and daunting in the beginning. But by following a few simple steps things will start to improve when wearing a hearing aid and you will reap the benefits!

1.      Get Acquainted

It may take a few weeks to adjust to your first pair of hearing aids. Allow yourself time to feel comfortable wearing your hearing aids and get familiar with the settings, technology and sounds you are hearing. Things will start to feel better and your hearing will be a breeze.

2.      Wear Them for Most of The Day

Keep your hearing aids in for most of the day. The more you use them, the quicker you will be able to start recognising certain sounds and focusing on what you want to hear. Getting acquainted to using hearing aids will be much quicker if they are not used infrequently!

3.      Be Amongst The Noise

Start by listening to the tv or radio to get used to the difference in noise levels before heading out to restaurants and theatres. Being amongst the noise will help to make sure your hearing aid is properly programmed to your needs. Remember, hearing aids can be adjusted at a follow up appointment if you feel something doesn’t sound quite right.

4.      Take Care

It is important to take care of your hearing aids, just like most things they need to be cleaned. By cleaning them once a day with a cleaning cloth will help to reduce any build-up of grease and wax. Keep your hearing aids away from extreme humidity and heat. For further advice on cleaning your hearing aids ask your hearing care professional.

5.      Enjoy The New Sounds

Your hearing aid will come with features and benefits designed to improve your everyday listening comfort. Speak to your hearing care professional to make sure you are getting the best from your hearing aid.  Find out more about features and benefits of PC Werth’s hearing aids here.

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