5 Places You Wouldn’t Think To Wear Ear Plugs

When people think of ear plugs, sound is immediately the first thing that comes to mind. Protecting your ears from loud noises to preserve your hearing is important to many people. Although this may be correct, ear plugs can also be used to protect the inner ear from physical objects too. Today we explore 5 unusual places to use ear plugs.

1. Dune Boarding

From the Middle East to Australia to Africa, dune boarding is one of the world’s most fun and easy to do activities. Whether near the beach or in desert areas, playing in the world’s great sandpits always delights us. As much fun as it is, we all known the familiar feeling of going home with sand in your pocket and sometimes your ears! Taking a tumble whilst dune boarding is a guaranteed way to end up with sand ALL over you, including the inner ear. Wearing ear plugs can prohibit sand from entering the ear canal. Whilst you’re whizzing down the dune, you can’t hear much else than the wind whistling past. So protecting your inner ear can save you a lot of time post dune boarding!

2. Hair Dresser

Everybody’s favourite part about visiting a hair dresser is getting their hair washed because it means free head massage. As you relax and enjoy the soothing massage of a hair wash often it can be interrupted by unwanted water entering the ear. Even when you make small talk with your hair dresser, you often stop talking as soon as you stop relaxing. So if you wear ear plugs and you can’t hear them, it’s not a problem. Wearing ear plugs can keep the inner ear nice and dry. Once you’ve had your hair washed, remove the ear plugs and continue with the small talk. Alternatively, leave them in and continue to mind your own business.

3. Work

This might seem like a rude thing to suggest, however, many people find it easier to work in silence or with one kind of sound around them. In offices, one often has to contest with telephones ringing, phone conversations, mobiles beeping, general chit-chat, traffic going by, intercom announcements, radios, the list goes on! If you have low level attenuation ear plugs you will be able to block out any external noise without cutting yourself off entirely. Or, if your company uses e-mail or Skype to communicate, block all external noise out without the fear of missing anything important. It’s up to you what level of noise you’d like to block out.

4. Mowing the Lawn

Many people use goggles to protect their eyes from any debris that gets flung whilst lawn moving, why not protect your ears too with ear plugs? How many times have you heard your Mother trying to call your Father whilst he mows the lawn to no avail? Since you can’t hear anyway, you may as well protect your ears whilst doing it.

5. Shark Cage Diving

Let’s face it, when you’re nose to nose with a great white, there’s not much else you can do to save yourself. Luckily, with shark cage diving, you’re protected within a metal cage. As sharks are encouraged to approach the cage via chumming, the practice of enticing sharks with bait, divers are able to view the magnificent beasts in the safety of the cage. Usually they have helmets on as well as wet suits to cover the ears but that doesn’t guarantee to keep water out entirely. Use ear plugs to keep your ears warm and clear.

PERFECTfit as a wide variety of ear plugs from low attenuation ranges to high attenuation ranges. Whether you need to them to help you relax at whilst being massaged or block our sound at the shooting range, PERFECTfit will help you find the ear plugs to suit your needs.

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