3 Reasons You Need PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves

PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves


Remember when you were enjoying the beautiful sound of Beyoncé belting into your ears, but then your generic earphones fell out, and you missed the best part of the song?

With PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves you will never miss a beat.


Better Than Generic

Many of you will have generic in-ear headphones. PC Werth’s PERFECTfit range of custom fit earphone sleeves offer superb seal, optimum comfort and excellent sound isolation. Making them a superior alternative to your generic tips.

PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves are designed to fit your earphones “like a glove”. Each sleeve is customised to you and your earphone, meaning they will feel secure and snug in your ear.

Dont just take our word for it – See what others are saying.

Isolated Sound

Fed up of turning the music up to block out background noise? PERFECTfit earphone sleeves cut out the distracting noise around you by isolating your music, allowing you to listen at lower levels and reduce the risk of hearing loss. The custom design creates the perfect seal and gives you the clarity of sound you were missing.

Custom Fit

Tailored to you and your earphones, PERFFECTfit earphone sleeves are like no other. Their custom design is made from your exact ear shape which means they fit perfectly. PC Werth manufacture PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves in soft durable silicone, making them a comfortable alternative to earphones with generic tips. The custom style sleeve slots perfectly into your ear canal, helping to prevent your earphones from constantly falling out!

If you love music, then you will know how important it is to get the most from your earphones with PERFECTfit Earphone Sleeves.


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